Effect of Direct Traffic - It Signals High Authority & Value to Google.

In a research we conducted, we noticed that direct traffic plays a dominant role in improving site ranking. Popularity drives traffic, so Google thinks if others sends you traffic, why shouldn't they.

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Direct Traffic Improves SEO & Affects Rankings.

This is where those direct traffic from email, social, native ads can be put to use. We'll help you to maximize the use.

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Direct traffic to your website from some other sources other than Google has been confirmed as one of the most influential ranking factors.

One of the ways that Google can confirm if your site is a credible brand is by accessing the amount of direct traffic to your website.

By direct traffic, it refers to users typing your exact site URL, visits from email, or some other sources like bookmarks.

Direct traffic is crucial since it was proven by SEMRush that it significantly impacts the top-ranking positions in Google.

Viewing it from another perspective, direct traffic indicates users' awareness of your brand and therefore visits your website often to find products, information, services, or do some other stuff users do on websites.

Direct traffic is also a signal that your site is trustworthy and famous to consumers.

What does Google count as direct traffic?

Google Analytics usually reports a source of traffic as "direct" if there is no known source or data on how the user got to the website (this may include via email, bookmark, direct typing of URL in the address bar).

SEMrush has it in his report that even after all the common ranking factors, direct site traffic is still rated as one of the most influential ranking factors. That is, many users going to a site directly, sends signals to Google that the website has a high authority.

SEMrush came to this conclusion after they have excluded organic search and other miscellaneous traffic data, which led to a significant connection between direct site visits and where the web page rank on the SERP - search engine results page.

They concluded that Google places priority on domains that have more authority with a corresponding higher direct traffic when ranking high volume keyword niche.

The lesson in this piece is that, you should not concentrate on SEO organic traffics alone. Brand awareness drives direct visits, therefore building a strong brand should be an integral part of your campaign strategy.

Finally, from my personal intuit, I concluded that Google wants you to be independent of them. They want you to be awesome enough to get traffic from other sources like Email, Social, etc.

When you do this, they think there's something about your site that they need to show their audience and they will reward you with top ranking.

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