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We'll bring high-quality buyers to your business, which means more sales and higher profit.

How have you been getting leads for your business?

Is it through word-of-mouth or traditional marketing?

These methods are tedious and can be frustrating sometimes, especially when compared to SEO.

If you've not been exploiting SEO, well, that's not good at all. You must have been leaving some money on the table. All other options that exist are not effective and are also more expensive.

With that being said, you will agree with me that it's high time you tried search engine optimization.

SEO can be hard to achieve, and at the same time, it is the best and most rewarding effort you can ever make for your business.

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Unlike others, it is entirely different, especially because you cannot buy your way to the top of search results, which gives businesses with a tight budget a level playing field. Simply put, you cannot buy your way to the top of search engines.

That is why big brands go for the quick fix, the pay-per-click option, but the problem with this is that pay-per-click can be costly when it is the only option you settle for.

Ethical search engine optimization requires proper steps as laid down by the search engines.

These daunting steps, which are hundreds of SEO factors, are the reason why many people shy away from SEO by avoiding search engines or would instead burn their money on the pay-per-click option.

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At Spiral Spin Solutions, we have mastered the act of ranking businesses on top 3 Google SERP. It is what has made us the best SEO company in Nigeria.

Our SEO agency has rendered SEO services to countless SMEs and has been giving the best SEO services since 2009.

You want to know the significant steps we take in a quest to help our clients dominate their market on search engines.

We Use The Best Keyword Research Tools With The Eagle Eyes to Discover The Top Phrases.

On your journey to the top of search engines, detailed keyword research is an SEO prerequisite. SEO is deep. Discovering the right keyword that will generate high-quality leads is critical.

In the search engines; ranking for niche keywords is not enough, but ranking for buyer's keyword is ultimate.

For example, a painter would instead target to rank for "painter in Lagos" instead of ranking for "how to paint a house." The former search term is a buyer's keyword, but the latter is not.

seo search engine optimization services keyword research lagos nigeria

In the search engine optimization process, we are going to ensure that we find the set of topical buyer's keywords that will attract potential customers in search results to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Our Technical SEO Approach is A Piece-Of-Cake Based on Our Website Design Background.

Because search engines wanted to give their users the best in search experience, that's why they make technical SEO a vital ranking factor.

That said, if your website does not check the major technical elements, search engines might not even crawl your website at all.

Your web design must check the following to appear in search results: specify a domain, upload a robots.txt, optimized static URL structure, internal linked SILO structure, optimized navigation menus, breadcrumb menus, integrate structure data markup, canonical URL, add 404 page, generate and upload XML sitemap, SSL - HTTPS, website speed, and mobile responsive.

Not checking these technical website design boxes can keep your website far away from top search results.

On your web design project, your website designer might not factor in this list, but it is the duty of your SEO agency to fix them.

seo search engine optimization marketing technical seo lagos nigeria

We know how detrimental it is to your business when your website does not meet these technical requirements for ranking. As an SEO company, we are going to fix them for your business to outperform your competition.

Earn Your Customers' Trust With Authority Content For A Strategic On-page SEO.

The first page of Google is closer to those who get on-page SEO right.

There's a famous saying - Content is King. With strategic content marketing, your pages will rule search engines' search results.

In on-page SEO, we will take a deep dive into the text content in HTML elements, image optimization for SEO, and videos for SEO advantage.

To convince more buyers, we'll increase the reading score, click-through rate - CTR, reduce bounce rate, hike conversion rate. Because SEO goes beyond generating traffic from search engines. If all these essential parts are not taking care of, the traffic will be useless, and search engines will quickly remove your website from the top search results.

In the practical on-page SEO, we'll optimize the HTML elements like page title, meta description, URL structure, headings, and breadcrumbs, to improve SEO juice.

On-page SEO is one of the indispensable aspects of SEO.

seo search engine optimization agency on-page seo lagos nigeria

As professionals, we are going to take time to handle all these aspects of your website because we know that getting this one thing right can make your ranking soar to page one in a short time.

Off-page SEO Authority and What You Need to Do For Link Building.

You must use inbound links (backlinks), internal links, and outbound links accordingly in a quest to fulfill your link building factor.

Gone are those days when the industry operates with the notion that backlinks constitute 70% of the effort required for ranking, so SEO companies focused 70% of their effort on backlinks.

Though inbound links are still crucial in the search engine optimization equation, but they have to be relevant. They should not be dominant over quality SEO content, on-page, and technical SEO.

It is also crutcial to note that your backlinks should be in proportion to the traffic you generate to your site. It must be high-quality and not a bunch of spamming link-building efforts from poor sites.

Avoid being greedy with your link-building effort. You must send some links out as well. Link to one or more authority web properties, too, is required.

It is also essential to link to some other properties within the same domain. We call them internal links.

If your website already adopted SILO architecture, you will not struggle with internal linking. It is a piece of cake.

seo search engine optimization specialist off-page seo lagos nigeria

Many SEO companies don't know how to fix this. But our SEO agency is a smaller group of experts from our digital marketing agency. We know link building like the back of our hands. We know it so well that other SEO companies rely on us.

We are going to ensure that you get the best of technical SEO to speed up your ranking.

Keep Your Phone Busy By High-Quality Customers From Local SEO Rankng.

If I say local SEO is the most potent effort to 10X your business growth as a local business, I will not be far from the truth.

If ranking in the map is all you do, you will not need some of the other digital marketing efforts ever again.

Local SEO constitutes the giant map box that appears at the top of SERP when a user searches a keyword + geo, e.g., "plumber in Lagos." Google uses this map listing to help its users find local businesses nearby.

Map listing is so effective that when your prospective customers find you there, they won't even visit your website. There's a phone button that will make them call your phone directly.

seo search engine optimization expert local seo lagos nigeria

When working with a new local business client, local SEO is always our top priority because it will keep the clients' phones ringing 24-7. I mean high-quality customers with money in pocket and ready the buy instantly will keep calling the client.

As one of the best in the whole world, we will keep your phone ringing to the point where business failure as a result of poor turnover is bot an option.

Miscellaneous SEO Factors - Other Moves To Make Your SEO Campaign Strong.

There are some other crucial factors like social signals. You can get this from a social media engagements and marketing efforts.

seo search engine optimization social signals lagos nigeria

These are social buzzes like Facebook shares, likes, comments, Twitter tweets, likes, retweets, Pinterest likes, comments, repins, YouTube likes, shares, comments, etc.

Therefore, for your business to leverage social signals, you have to exploit social media marketing.

Traffic to your business website is another factor. Traffic is simply the influx of visitors to your website. You need to find other traffic sources to your website to convince search engines that you're fantastic without being in search results.

seo search engine optimization website traffic lagos nigeria

The next factor can put your website number one on the first page of Google in literally no time.

It is CTR - click-through rate. If you already appear on the first page and users click on your site more than expected, it can shoot your ranking far above.

We also have dwell time, which is how long your site visitors last on your website.

seo-click through bounce conversion rate dwell time lagos nigeria

If they spend some quality time on your site, it sends a higher conversion rate signal to the search engines algorithm, and if the reverse is the case, it communicates a higher bounce rate to the search algorithms.

What you have to do is give your website visitors more reasons to dwell longer on your pages.

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As an SEO company, we will generate high-quality leads to increase sales and accomplish your business's bottom line.

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As an integrated design firm, we know all these things, and we're going to include them in your website projects.

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