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In this digital age, you need a website that will promote your brand, position your business, and attract high-quality customers. That is what we shall do for you.

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We're Your Best Cutting-Edge Website Design and Development Company.

We'll conceptualize your brand, analize your competition, and create a tailor-fit cutting-edge website for your business.

Spiral Spin boasts of a world-class team of talented and passionate website designers and developers. We're strategically based in Lagos with a presence in Abuja and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

We have been helping private, public, government, and multi-national companies with cutting-edge bespoke website solutions since 2004. Our array of talented website experts can help you establish the best web design solution for your business presence on the internet.

We can professionally create any website you need for your business - corporate website design and eCommerce website. But if you need other kinds of websites like blogs, web development, forum site, portal, etc. We will deliver.

Major Website Solutions.

Let Us Design An Amazing Corporate or Business Website For Your Brand That Will Attract Sales Automatically.

Our corporate website is top-notch because we will build it with SEO in mind from scratch. SEO is a function of digital marketing.

In today's digital world, owning a website is a waste of effort without its ability to exploit global and local opportunities via the internet.

website designer lagos nigeria

Therefore, as a web design agency, we'll ensure that you maximize the full benefits of being online. You need to know that not all web design companies or web design agencies see it from this bottom-line perspective.

With that said, we also ensure that our sites are aesthetic enough to attract visitors, professionally set up to command respect. Best of all, we choose the most reliable registrar for your domain name. Best hosting servers keep your website online 24-7, and our support service is second to none.

Some other qualities are speed, site accessibility, mobility, SSL, on-page SEO, unlimited brand emails, etc.

With all these qualities, I'm sure you are drooling over getting the project across to us.

Own An eCommerce Website That Will Become Your 24-7 Selling Machine.

eCommerce is necessary for every commodity business, but the technical implication is vast and costly. Hence, most people scare away from it.

However, eCommerce website design and development costs doesn't need to be cutthroat. Because eCommerce site must be set up to succeed from the ground up, and that's the only way customers can leverage it.

We use the best cutting-edge tools and logic that will set your website up to succeed from the onset. Our approach to eCommerce solutions is unique. Our web design and development service boils down to simplicity. We'll create a simple eCommerce solution tailor-fit to your need, so will the cost.

What about all the qualities that comes with eCommerce?

You'll get a secure and reliable payment gateway solution, optimized pages, SSL, speed, on-page, HTTPS, unlimited brand emails, etc.

The common types of websites above are not the only ones that exist.

However, they are the most in-demand websites. Depending on your goal, your need for a website might not fall into any of those ones above. There are other types like portals, blogs, membership sites, specialized sites, marketplace websites, news sites, forums, etc.

Whatever your website needs are, we will fix it.

Our technology tools of specialization are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Bootstrap, Laravel, WooCommerce, etc.

Qualities of a Good website.

Mobility is an Edge - We Create Mobile-Friendly Website to Encompass The Entire Web Audience.

The world is getting mobile every day. More people (about 80%) use their mobile phones to access online properties. Not considering mobility as a critical factor in your website design process is a recipe for failure.

spiral spin solutions web design company mobile friendly website lagos nigeria

Considering the users first in every website project is crucial. Such websites create a fantastic user experience for all users without leaving some of them behind.

Google search also prefer mobile-friendly website over non-responsive websites, which is another reason why it is essential.

You don't need mobile app development to make your website mobile-friendly. Mobile app development is a different thing entirely.

Since mobility is an integral part of the internet today, we'll build a website that's user-friendly and responsive across different devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Accessibility - Navigation menu - Breadcrumbs.

Your website must consider different kinds of users like the kids, the blinds, the elderly, and the disabled. Some of these users use screen-readers, some are not tech-advanced, and others are not sophisticated in today's communication.

spiral spin solutions website design company accessibility lagos nigeria

Standard usability should also consider navigation as a vital factor of a good website.

Navigation is how people move across the website. Having a good navigation menu makes it easy and quick for your website visitors to find the most important pages or information on your website.

Having breadcrumbs will help your visitors to understand the hierarchy of your website information. On the other hand, it helps the website to score high with search engines.

Some other features to consider to make life easy for users, like adding search elements, optimized 404, internal linking, etc.

As a design firm, our digital agency will render a complete service that will factor these elements into your project.

Security - SSL - HTTPS.

Hackers are rampant nowadays. Therefore, you need to beef up the security level of your website.

In users' eyes, a good website is expected to have proper security measures to protect it from hackers.

spiral spin solutions web development company ssl security lagos nigeria

Users will be skeptical about inputting their personal information on your site if it is not secured.

Having your website hosted with a reliable company is one of the prerequisites for enforcing security. Then an excellent hosting company will offer the SSL option to secure your website, and finally, you choose the HTTPS option. It is that simple.

As a web design company, our designing team knows how always to ensure that security is always of paramount importance.

Faster Load time - Speed.

No matter the perspective you're looking at it, a slow-loading website is frustrating and annoying.

It repels your prospective customers and ultimately sends your website to search engine obscurity.

Fast loading website is one of the critical qualities of an excellent website.

Therefore, the website must be optimized to ensure it doesn't repel visitors. The average expected time for a website to load on a 4G network is three seconds. If it takes longer time than that to load, then you have to fix it.

spiral spin solutions web design agency-fast loading lagos nigeria

Another reason why you need faster-loading pages is that Google detests slow websites; such websites don't have a place in Google SERP.

According to Google, your website sends a higher (positive) conversion rate signal to their algorithm when your website loads faster. On the other hand, it sends a higher (negative) bounce rate signal when you have a slower website.

You can reduce your site's bounce rate by improving your website speed.

On the other hand, visitors will frequently leave your website when they visit and found slower loading pages.

We're already aware of this menace as a web design agency. It's the same reason why we worked hard to make sure we have a faster website.

Our website is the fastest loading among the acclaimed best web design companies and design agencies in Nigeria.

Aesthetic design - Browser compatibility - W3C Valid Mark-Up.

You don't need anyone to lecture you on the need for aesthetic design. The appearance of your website must appeal to some users before they can admit to doing business with you.

Consistency in appearance communicates professionalism. Your logo, use of colors, navigation menus, fonts, spacing, forms, margins, headings, buttons, and information patterns must be consistent on your website.

Your website must not lack coherence. When your visitors go through it, they should feel the consistency of a sole corporate identity.

And your design on one web page should not look misalignment with the rest of the pages.

Another standard your website should meet is simplicity. Please, keep it simple.

Depending on a UI/UX designer's background, browser compatibility can be underrated. And this factor can make your website lose a set of users.

Even some big organizational websites suffer from this problem due to ignorance. Not having cross-browser compatibility will hurt website usability.

Browser hacking for compatibility is more of a web development function, but you should factor it in anyways.

spiral spin solutions w3c markup validity browser compatibility lagos nigeria

Your website needs to behave and appear consistently across all the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera). Simple tech faults like this can mar a professionally designed website. Don't build for one browser.

The simple thing you can do as a business owner is to review your website by checking how it looks on all those significant browsers.

Adhering to W3C standards has a lot of not-so-obvious benefits. Websites that align with W3C standards and web design best practices are often more reliable and durable.

It also makes it seamless for other developers to work on it. This will be required when your initial developer is out of reach. Or you want to advance beyond what your developer can do, and sometimes when you need to troubleshoot some problems when the need arises.

When it comes to attractive design, browser compatibility, and code validity, we're the best web design company to work with in Nigeria.

Call to Action That Increases Conversion.

What's the essence of a website that does not give its users the opportunity for feedback? A contact form or phone number that is not working and in some cases messages sent by prospective customers but not responded to swiftly?

Without a clear call-to-action on your website, you cannot funnel your website visitors down a path to conversion. And you will lose a lot of prospective customers to your competition.

A result-driven website must have a straightforward call-to-action process. It will help you increase your conversion rate in a more significant proportion.

You can use the call-to-action elements to build an email list, increase sign-ups, encourage downloads, get your phone number ringing, and get more sales in eCommerce settings.

spiral spin solutions website call to action conversion lagos nigeria

Without a defined call-to-action on your website, your digital business strategy is not complete. Therefore, you should integrate CTA strategically into your website to get the best results.

Your call-to-action as a pitch needs to be polished, appealing, and convincing.

As an integrated design firm, we know all these things, and we're going to include them in your website projects.

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We always have a unique approach for different industries and markets.

Our web designers in Nigeria know how to use aesthetic design to attract potential customers and create a website design project that users love to engage.

The goal is to improve your business's bottom line.

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