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Lagos State University - LASU, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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Lagos State University, also popularly known as LASU, was founded in 1983 by the constitutional Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, aim at advancing learning through academic excellence.

The University caters to a population of over 35,000 students admitted for full-time learning. The institution also offers courses at various university levels that includes Diploma courses, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

LASU is situated at Ojo, a city in Lagos State, Nigeria. Lagos State University is the only state established university that was part of the former British colony.

The University offers diploma courses, under graduate and post graduate programmes the also offers MBA programme. Lagos State University was ranked one of the top 600 universities all over the world by the popular Times Higher Margazine in the year 2020.

The University has also generated different international funds one of which is the World Bank Group Africa Center for Excellence on Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.

Lagos State University was established to be a multi-campus, educational and non-residential Institution.

As of today, the University runs a multi-campus system with 4 fully operational campuses with the main campus at Ojo (along Badagry Expressway), Ikeja medical school(the College of Medicine is located) and other campuses at Epe (the Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering are located).

Unlike the other campuses, the LASU Epe Campus, home to the School of Agriculture and Faculty of Engineering of Lagos State University, is a full residential campus.

The Epe campus was founded due to the lack of sufficient space in the Ojo campus to run the Faculty of Engineering as at the time. The former military barrack is now a campus thanks to the persuasions of the military governor.

The Epe campus which is also the place for the institution's pre-degree programs is the biggest space owned to the university that is even bigger than the Ojo campus itself.

The campus is being led by the HOC - Head of School. The school of Agriculture hosts both the Dean and the Faculty of Engineering. Generally, the Vice Chancellor is in charge of administering the school.

The campus has opened a post for the position of Vice President, Welfare Director and Assistant General Secretary in its student union election.

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