Social Signal Hacks - How to Leverage Social Media for SEO.

Social signal is another opportunity you have to shoot your ranking to the top. It is one of the reasons why you should be on social media and make it count.


Illustrative Guide to Social Signals for SEO.

All those social media engagements and following can be harnessed for SEO purpose. We make them count.

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Even though Google says that social signal is not a direct ranking factor. I believe they said so because Google doesn't want people to spam the heck out of them in the name of wanting to rank with social signals.

According to Matt Cutts, a Google team leader. There is an extremely high correlation between social signals as a ranking factor. What he simply means is that your social media presence and engagement will impact your SEO ranking positively.

Furthermore, the more your social metrics, the higher your ranking.

How Social Signals Impact Ranking.

1. Potential for Backlinks

When you make good content and you post it on social platforms, you'll get more shares on social media, you will also get more impressions on the content and people will automatically link to it.

Linking to it is what will improve your ranking.

In a nutshell, popular content on social platforms attracts potential backlinks.

It doesn't matter if it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn.

If the content is high-quality and also gains traction on social, you will most likely get backlinks from good sites.

2. Build Your Audience.

The internet is getting competitive, the old popular saying "build it and they will come" doesn't work anymore.

In today's marketplace, you have to be proactive, you have to take your business to the audience where they are.

With the mammoth crowd on social media, its wide coverage and ease of engagement make it easy and quick to build a global audience.

If you want to build an audience that will generate millions of traffic, you need to step up your social game.

The bigger your audience, the more trustworthy you are and the more traffic you will get from the internet.

Social media is a smart and effective way to build your brand and get more impressions from people who may not have found you.

3. Brand Search

When consumers know you on social media, and they are passionate about your brand so much that they can search Google with your brand i.e. "spiral spin SEO agency", "ClickBank affiliate marketing program".

Over time, Google will begin to think that your brand is relevant for the keywords next to your brand and will rank you for such keywords.

In the case of "ClickBank affiliate marketing", Google will begin to rank ClickBank for affiliate marketing.

How can you exploit this opportunity?

Try your best at increasing followership on social media, imagine that you run a fashion outfit, and you have 2 million followers on Instagram.

If you're consistent with posting on Instagram, a good percentage of your passionate followers will be glad to search for your 'brand + keywords' (FashionCompany + Jeans), when Google gets a lot of this, they will start to rank the site for "Jeans".

That's how social media can impact your ranking positively.

Conclusively, whatever the future holds, it's obvious that social media can impact your SEO ranking.

However, social media offers more long-term benefits.

And if don't want to go social because you think it isn't a direct SEO ranking factor, social networks are one of the few best ways to promote your content and be found on Google.

Which is what SEO is all about.

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