Email Marketing - Is It Dead or Alive? You Can Find Out Here!

As one of the oldest medium of communication and perhaps the cheapest digital means of following up is email marketing. This piece will educate you and steps to move forward.

email marketing

Roadmap To Email Marketing Success.

This piece will take you through all that you need to start and scale a successful email marketing campaign.

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Let's start with a simple question: how many people do you know that don't have an email address?

Chances are they don't exist or they are very small.

According to research, there are 3.5 billion email users worldwide, it is also statistically proven that approximately 306.4 billion email messages are sent per day.

That is a lot of email messaging traveling across the Internet, isn't it?

Emailing has become a huge part of humans and is one of the most popular medium of communication. This is one of the reasons why email as a medium of marketing works.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way for organizations to connect with their audience, enabling your business to send email updates to your subscribers easily and quickly.

Email marketing is also the most powerful way to stay in constant connection with your audience and customers.

Why is email marketing important?

In many businesses, the main objective for using email as a marketing campaign channel is to create "brand awareness". Other benefits include new customer acquisition, follow-up on existing customers, and customer retention.

Email marketing used to be an inevitable internet marketing strategy. But today, it is not indispensable. The need for email marketing depends on the digital marketing strategy and the products in question.

With Facebook messenger, WhatsApp business, Phone calls, etc., you can achieve a lot without it. However, there are lots of advantages. I advise you to use it for the extra benefits that come with it.

You can get free traffic from loyal customers by integrating email marketing into your digital campaign.

When your customers sign up for your newsletter, they expect to receive emails from your business regarding sales or a new product release. In return, you get brand recognition and hence, promotion for your business. It'll boost your brand and internet presence's rep.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Businesses.

Increase Sales

Effective email marketing can increase your sales. Many of my customers have recorded a surge in revenue and profit after they adopted email campaigns. Email campaigns have one of the highest ROI among the many marketing methods.

Build Brand Awareness

Email newsletters allow you to keep in touch with your prospects and clients. By so doing, your business increase visibility, and your information gets across wider and faster. This's how companies grow and make more money!

Lead Generation

Never email unprofessionally to your entire list always, this is more expensive if you're messaging a big list often. First, discover your potential clients by creating an ideal client profile e.g. in terms of demographic. This helps you to segregate your mailing list and find prospects that are going to be interested in your products or services.

You can also ask your clients for referrals in your newsletter.

In return, do offer them incentives.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

After acquiring new customers, continue to keep them in touch with them to retain and strengthen your customer relationships. It is easier to send periodic emails. You can as well request feedbacks, suggestions, or complaints. Thank your customers for their responses and act on any problem. Engaging your customers will make them feel appreciated!

Reminds Customers Who You Are

Since emails are cheaper or free to own and easier to create than any other forms of marketing, you'll be able to constantly connect with your subscribers. This frequently reminds your customers of your brand. It'll build trust and loyalty in your brand over time.

Email Marketing Fun Facts and Statistics

  • Email marketing is listed as the most preferred marketing channel for B2B business-to-business marketers for many reasons. Reasons like the fact that it is cheap, fast and easy, direct and more importantly, it can be measured.
  • The average ROI for email marketing is an amazing $44.25 for every $1 spent!
  • Meanwhile, the 2012 Marketing Channel and Engagement Benchmark Survey have found that 63% of its respondents agreed that email delivers the greatest ROI. This is compared to just 10% who supported social media.
  • Statistics show a good email message has a very successful average delivery rate of 84% and a pretty encouraging 24% chance of being opened.

Conclusively, email marketing lets you follow up on your audience and increase those chances of getting them to buy your products.

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