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When you combine Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger as one big platform to run ads, it becomes the largest social ad platform to get maximum exposure and generate an astronomical result.

Facebook and Instagram Ad is quite different from Google Ad. On Facebook, Ads are targeted at users based on their data, interest, demographics, and behavior.

In today's digital economy, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is running ads on Facebook because the process is friendly. Since everyone seems to have a Facebook account, it becomes everyone's go-to source for generating traffic. However, it is equally easy to go astray.

Facebook Ads have a few friendly options that make it overwhelming at first, but once you get used to it, it'll be downhill. In this piece, you will be shown all you need to know to understand how the campaign works.

There is a boatload of reasons why you should commit yourself to Facebook Ads. I've been running Facebook Ads since 2010 and what I discovered is that you cannot substitute Facebook ads for Google because both of them are different. They are individually valuable in their different ways.

Where it seems they might work together is when you use Facebook ads to retarget traffic from Google ads and vise versa.

You will never understand why Facebook Ad is inevitable until you have a psychological understanding of how the Facebook ad works. The goal of Facebook and Instagram Ads is to show your advert to users based on their behavior, interest, and demographic.

Facebook Ads is directly connected to Instagram. You'll be running ads on both platforms from the same Ad manager.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Guide

The challenges of running ads on Facebook depend on your level of understanding (beginner, intermediate, professional). Millions of small businesses all over the world are using the Facebook ad as leverage for competing with the bigger corporation and they are killing it.

Meanwhile, many others are busy complaining that it's expensive, ad account got shut down, low ROAS, poor ROI, etc.

My best advice is to be grounded on how to run a result-oriented campaign on Facebook and if you don't, get an expert to mentor you or a consultant to help you.

Expertise is a core prerequisite because it is not enough to be able to run an ad but to be able to get a big bang for your bucks. The next thing is to know the product or service you're trying to advertise and also understand the audience so that your message will resonate with them. Lastly, you need a proven strategy and creativity.

Let us go through the steps one by one.

  • Objective

    There's a purpose for every objective, knowing and choosing the right one for your campaign is foundational to a successful ad. That means, if you choose the wrong objective, you will likely fail.

    It is crucial to choose the right objective, the reason being that Facebook will optimize your ad based on the objective you choose. In many cases, the perfect objective will lower your cost and get you the right results.

  • Audience Targeting

    Targeting the right audience is a very important aspect of running an ad, that's why it is essential to know the product very well because if you do, you will also know the perfect audience and that knowledge will help you at targeting the perfect audience.

    In case you don't know much, or you have tried your best and it doesn't work. Try any of these:

    Custom audiences: this will allow you to use a set of data e.g. contacts (emails, phone numbers), your Facebook likes, Instagram followers, or visitors to your website.

    Lookalike audiences: it enables you to target a replica of an audience who have taken an action in your sales funnel or somewhere in your campaign.

    Once more, targeting will make or mar your campaign, therefore you must invest enough time in making sure that you always get your targeting right.

  • Placements, Devices and Platform

    At this junction, you will choose if you want your ad to be displayed on Instagram or not. There are other platforms like Facebook messenger, Audience network. You also have the luxury to choose which device should display your ads - Apple devices, Tablets, Desktop, Android, etc.

    Depending on the product or service, this part can be tailored towards a strategic move for a smarter result.

  • Budget

    One of the great advantages that Facebook ad has over traditional advert is budget. With a budget, you can start low and scale high once you started getting a good result, this ensures that you protect yourself from loss.

    In this section, you can specify your budget, choose lifetime or daily budget, bidding (link clicks, impressions), schedule when your ad should run, date and time you want your ad to run, use dayparting if you want, optimization method, and a lot more.

  • Ad Format and Copywriting

    Facebook is getting creative all the time, they offer a variety of ad formats like a single image, videos, carousel, canvas, etc.

    Every format has its edge, video always works better for me irrespective of the product or service. While some experts say video in combination with the carousel is a perfect fit, they claim that it has higher engagement and CTR.

    Beyond the ad, the format is the message in the ad - ad copy.

    Your ad copy is the message in the ad, it is the compelling message that your advert communicates with the audience and it has to be persuasive.

    The first thing that your target audience will see is the image/video, then the headline, and finally the ad copy.

    Meanwhile, your creative (image/video) must be attractive such that it makes them pause to pay attention (pattern interrupt). Note that if your creative is not engaging they will not see your headline and if the headline doesn't win them, they will not read the message.

    Persuasive ad copy will make the difference between getting 10 clicks and 100 clicks. All these things must align to make the best of Facebook Ad.

In conclusion, Facebook Ad is bigger than what you just read. There are more options to exploit, but this little piece has given you an idea of what to expect.

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