Social Media Marketing - You Can't Afford to Run Without It.

Since every other brand is online, the only thing that will make you standout is strategy. Without which you're just like every other brand. These 5 pillars will give you edge.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing and The Core Pillars.

Most executives believe that social media influences growth. These core pillars will get you started.

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Using social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc) to connect and engage with your audience in the quest of building your brand, get followers, drive traffic, educate them, make offers, and convert them into sales is one of the best steps to grow in today's digital world.

To achieve this, you have to keep publishing relevant content on your social media accounts, you have to listen and engage with your followers, analyze your results often, and run social media adverts to garner more followers and expand your coverage.

Five Backbone of Social Media Marketing

1. Strategy

Businesses and people use social media in a diversity of ways, before you dive into social, you want to sit down and think about how you want to use it. Then the strategy.

What business goal do you want to achieve with social media?

This is the first question to ask yourself, it is the question that will determine the direction to follow.

In case you don't know, you can drive engagements with social, some companies use it to increase brand awareness thereby generating a huge following, you can use it to get feedback from the customer, at the same time you can use it as a customer support platform, you can even create a community of like-minded followers who can engage or network with one another, many brands use it as a medium for education marketing, and larger users of social media use it to generate traffic and make sales.

As you're expected to know that you have to keep publishing content to keep your channel alive.

The question is what type of content should you publish?

I'm not talking about videos, images, quotes, stories, or slides. I mean whether it should be educational, promos, freebies, asking questions to get feedback, entertainment content, and so on.

Just review your social media goals again and you will get an answer to the question. If your goal is engagement for instance keep making posts requesting responses or questions about your brand, services, market, industry.

2. Publishing

Once your social media profile has been established, the next thing is to start publishing content and you have to be consistent in doing so.

Publishing on social media is easier than publishing a blog post, but you have to plan your content ahead of time and be strategic about it.

You should also ensure that you're publishing valuable content because if the content is poor so will their perception of your brand.

In short, make and publish quality content that will drive engagements.

3. Engagement

The more you grow in following, the more conversations and engagement you will get.

Always engage with your audience on whatever they're discussing that has to do with your brand or the industry.

Figure out how you can flip those negative comments by helping them to know you better, find a tool to monitor their conversations across the board and also try to convert those positive momenta into sales.

4. Analytics

Whatever you're doing with social media, you should be measuring your performance.

What's your coverage last month compared to the month before?

Does your audience accept your brand?

If they do, to what extent?

What's the rate of your positive engagements compared to the negative engagements?

You can get a handful of data from individual social media analytics, but there're other tools that you can use to achieve this feat across platforms.

5. Advertising

It is important to have a budget or earmark a certain amount of money for growing your social media outreach through advertisement.

Give this a shot today.

Your social media campaign will take through the roof if you know and take this step.

Many people think since it is FREE to post, they can go ahead and keep posting, only to make and post valuable contents that ended up with very few impressions and a corresponding zero action.

So they will not be able to gather enough data to support their brand.

You need a huge following so that your post and travel far and get a chance of going viral. Because without a good amount of following, it will be like winking in the dark.

Though you can achieve this huge following over a long period.

But you can rather use money to save time. That's why advertising is key.

Social media is powerful weaponry that you should exploit to not only grow in followership but to generate more traffic with corresponding sales without creating a hole in your pocket.

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