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Both Google and YouTube are programs of the same company - Alphabet.

All ads displayed on Google SERP, Google display, YouTube, Android, Gmail, Maps, and all other Google platforms are created on the Google Ads dashboard. So when I'm talking about Google ads, I'm referring to them all.

Why must you advertise on these platforms? Google and YouTube are the 2 most visited websites in the world. And they are also the 2 most popular search engines globally.

It also means that there are many audiences to show ads to. Besides, their traffic is very targeted, made of high-quality buyers compared to the social media audience.

Google serves 30 billion ads daily, which is more than all the traditional media adverts created daily in the entire world. With all these figures, you cannot afford to ignore Google ads.

Though Google Ad dashboard is more sophisticated to use, that also means there are a lot of data and options to work with. That's why it requires experience to be able to get the best out of it.

While exploiting Google SERP and Display Ads, you should also give YouTube ads a trial because, with the rapid growth of YouTube channels and contents, YouTube Ads is exploding right now.

And it is so cheap and equally highly-targeted. You can professionally target your ads to the right audience on YouTube.

Generally, you can implement remarketing with Google display and YouTube ads for all the visitors to your landing pages to maximize results while maximizing ROAS.

Don't ignore Google Ads, and more importantly, read on to learn more about them both.

Google Ads - Search Ad Network and Display Ad Network

With Google Ads, you can show ads to users on two main networks – the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) ad network, and the Display ad network.

The SERP ad network also refers to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, on the dashboard advertisers bid on relevant keywords that align with their business and get a chance for their advertisements to be displayed to users who search those keywords in Google.

The Display ad network on its own offers digital marketers the option of displaying their visual ads on websites that belong to the Google Display Network. This Google display network comprises individual websites that are members of Google Adsense programs, the network is so huge and was said to reach roughly 95% of the global online audience.

Your Google ads must be strategically orchestrated to yield results inform of higher ROI, or else you might be flushing your money down the toilet.

One of the common strategies is to have an offer that will serve as an incentive for the audience to make a purchase. That has been proven to generate some return on investment for your ad money.

The exciting thing about it especially when compared to traditional adverts is, you can set a daily budget to a minimum amount, which allows you to minimize loss and control your spending.

Here are some recipes for creating a successful Google ad.

Budget - especially as a beginner, in order not to lose your shirt, you must have a budget. Your budget will be broken down into a lifetime budget for the ads you want to run, daily budget, and cost per click - CPC. And once you started seeing the result, you can increase your budget.

Keywords - keyword research is a fundamental effort you must make, finding and bidding for the right keywords is a crucial step that can make or mar your campaign. There are tools you can use to find the right keywords like the Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.

Landing page or Funnels - ethical campaign requires a landing page or funnels. These are pre-sell pages where you have the opportunity to elaborate and persuade the audience before calling them to action (asking them to buy).

Ads - lastly, you need to set up your ad. Your ad consists of the campaign (that describes the demography, location, etc), ad group (keywords), and ad (ad copy). It is also in the setting-up of the ad that you will allocate budget and attach your landing page URL.

Google ads, both Search and display networks are deeper and more sophisticated than the description above, you will need more intensive coaching to be able to get results with it.

YouTube Ads

I've explained a little about YouTube Ads above, so to create your first ad on YouTube, you have to go to your Google Ads dashboard.

You need to select the goal for your ad, which can be any of lead generation, traffic, brand awareness, etc.

Then you will be walked through ad objectives like setting a budget, setting the date bracket, choose a network for your ads to appear, etc.

You also need to define your audience and select your placement, it is quite easy doing that.

Then you can add the video by uploading it or add the URL.

This is just a brief overview of what's contained in the YouTube Ad setup, knowing how to set it up easily like this is one thing, setting up a successful YouTube video ad is another.

Conclusively, Google Ads and YouTube are two of the most powerful ways to generate quality leads, traffic, and conversion for your business.

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