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Lagos Central Mosque Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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Lagos Central Mosque is very important place of worships in Lagos Island, Nigeria. It is also the Chief Imam's home and community space for followers of Islam in Lagos City. It can be found on Nnamdi Azikiwe Street. The present mosque was opened in 1988, replacing the one built between 1908 and 1913.

The chief Imam administers the jumat service at the Mosque and he is overseer of the mosque. Over the years, chieftain titles have been given to several individuals by members of the mosque's executive governing council. One of the prominent title is Baba Adinni, of which Mr. Runmonkun was the pioneer, and recently awarded to A.W. Elias, Abdul Hafiz Abou and Wahab Folawiyo. Two of the title holders contributed significantly towards the construction of the new modern mosque.

The earliest central mosque in Lagos state was built by the members of Jamat Muslim Council of Lagos who stated an executive council of the Central Mosque in Lagos in 1905. The new mosque was perfected in July 1913 and for 70 years, it served the Lagos community.

The idea to build a new mosque came up soon after the golden jubilee celebration of the old central mosque of 1963. The old mosque was deemed archaic by some of its occupants who wanted a new and more befitting edifice for the day's da'wa while others preferred to extend the old structure. At first, funds were contributed in 1973 to build an expansion of the old mosque and purchase a neighboring property.

The original proposal was challenged by members who wanted to build a new masterpiece. The old mosque was demolished in 1983, paving the way for developing the new building. Members of the community then attended Friday prayers at a closeby Alli Balogun mosque while the new mosque was under construction.

The mosque, which was opened by then president Babangida on May 28th 1988, cost $5 million to build and was erected by G. Cappa Ltd. The building has four prominent minarets, two small and two tall ones. The smaller ones are placed on top of the entrance and the taller ones flank both sides (west and east) of the building.

The building space is about 1 acre and occupies 50 metres of Nnamdi Azikiwe. A new building entrance welcomes visitors to a riwaq adorned with columns. The courtyard, or Sahn, is located beside the large entryway. A main feature of the prayer centre is a 750 sq meter prayer hall with central dome made from metal. The diameter of the dome is 15 metres and it stands out other than its gold plating aluminum cladding.

There is space under the building for vaults of deceased Imams and prominent members. The building also has an office block, a reference library, an Islamic center and apartment for the Chief Imam.

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