Link Building - Backlink, Internal link, and Outbound link Hacks.

Link building is way more than backlinks. If you fail to make proper internal links and outbound links, you will be left with a lot of orphan pages and Google will not be able to help you rank.


Anatomy of Link Building for Ethical SEO Strategy.

Many SEO expert don't know this. There're 3 dimension to link building. We know and integrate them for clients' campaigns.

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Link building is still a high SEO ranking factor. In this piece of content, link building was broken down into backlinks, outbound links, and internal links.

These are the dimensional links you can build to boost your ranking on search engines.

Backlinks or Inbound links

These are inbound links from other sites to your sites.

Building backlinks has been one of the indispensable factors for ranking on Google since the early days of SEO, the more quality backlinks the better your ranking in those days. And there have been several strategies for building backlinks that have come and gone.

In today's SEO, backlinks are important, but it is secondary. This means that you shouldn't expect poorly written content on a brand new domain to outrank an authority site just because the new website has some good backlinks.

When it comes to backlinks, you must use them ethically in a way that your website will not be flagged.

Here are some ultimate guides to creating backlinks:

  • Create high-quality content for users and search engine. By high-quality, I mean the kind of content that will add value to your targeted audience and will also have a clearly defined audience on search engines. Make them high-quality and verifiable enough that they will naturally attract backlinks from other websites.
  • Use tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs to uncover your competition backlink source, then try and generate such types of backlinks to your content.
  • Take time to properly do your research so that you can create valuable infographics, distribute them such that others would find them, and inevitably create backlinks to your site as the source of the infographic.
  • Write for other high-quality sites (guess post) and when you do, make sure you exploit the E.A.T (Expert Authority Trustworthiness) factor, then make sure you link back to your sites from those authority sites you wrote for. This golden strategy inevitably makes a high-authority site link to yours automatically.
  • Avoid backlinks from low-quality sites because this type of backlinks will frustrate all other efforts.

Outbound links

These are external links from your site to other websites.

No site on the internet should be an island, Google expects you to reference one web page or the other in your content, and by that, it means you should link to web pages in another domain from your content.

Outbound links from your site to other sites can improve your website's ranking.

Based on Hilltop Algorithm, Google uses the content of the web pages you're linking to as one of the relevancy signals. For instance, if one of your pages is about bicycles and it links to electric bicycle related web pages, this may signal to Google that your web page is about electric bicycles.

Linking to others helps you to rank better and also gives your reader a great user experience. However, it is also a good source of backlinks to the site you link to.

Therefore, don't limit your chances by not linking to your competitions who are already authorities in the niche.

When you link to them, you help yourself and you help your users too.

Internal links

These are links between web pages within the same website.

In today's SEO, you cannot do without internal linking.

Your web page content has to initiate the topical content strategy, by this, it means when you create your business page, each of the sub-topic must have their individual page where the sub-topic will be explained better and all these sub-topic pages will link back to the money page.

This method will help your readers find more comprehensive information about every little part of your content.

More importantly, in the sight of Google, it helps you to claim the authority in that niche.

Internal linking will help search engines to understand your website structure, discover how the contents on your website are related, and rate the most important web pages on your website, these metrics will collectively boost your SERP rankings so that your content will easily be found by users.

When next you decided to add a post to your site, watch out for internal linking opportunities, and don't forget to look at it from a topical linking structure than create a bunch of orphan pages.

Don't forget to get your anchor text correctly.

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